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Loose Cargo

Suitable for:
Cargo that's heavy and/or bulky,
yet not large enough to fill 1 container.
Useful for the following sizes: Between 0.5 m3 to 15 m3

Intending to send cargo to other states/countries by sea.

Less than Container Load

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Suitable for:
Standard, regular non fragile cargo,
to being sent to East Malaysia via air.

Fast delivery requirements - transit time within 3-5 days.

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Pick up only in Klang Valley FOC!
Delivery to East Malaysia door FOC!

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Suitable for:
An entire container load of cargo.
Useful for the following sizes: More than 15 m3

Mainly for ocean freight.

Full Container Load

Air Freight

Suitable for:
Regular, lightweight cargo,
cargo that is between 30-500 KG, boxed and sealed.

Fast delivery requirements - transit time under a week.

Intending to send to other states/countries by air.

Air Freight


Suitable for:
Bulky cargo deliveries locally,
house/office/factory moving.

From 1 ton trucks to flat bed low loader trucks.

Regional trucking, cross-country transportation.



Suitable for:
Vehicle shipping, to other states or countries.

Includes motorbikes, cars, trucks, etc.


Break Bulk

Suitable for:
Loose cargo of immense quantity,
that requires special shipping requirements.

Common forms of cargo such as:
Liquid form cargo eg: Palm Oil, Petroleum, etc

Solid form eg: Grain, Palm Kernel, etc.


Something Else

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