What is Asiatic Freight?

Think of Asiatic Freight as your personal freight specialist.

At Asiatic Freight, we are eager to help you in your partaking logistics tasks. We wish to make it as seamlessly easy as possible for you. That's why Asiatic Freight exists in the first place! To make sending things plain simple!

What does Asiatic Freight do?
We help ORGANIZE logistics services for you. We are your personal freight broker that wishes to find you the best, most reliable, yet most cost effective solutions for you. You are our utmost concern and we will make sending anything easy for you. Again, we are what our motto says: Your personal freight broker.

So, what kind of things Asiatic Freight is able to transport?
We have house movers, we have flatbed low loader heavy transporters, we send containers FCL and LCL, we have food transportation vehicles. We practically transport any kind of transportation you might require. From anywhere, to anywhere else in the world. We simply CONNECT.

Where does Asiatic Freight ship from and to?
We virtually cover the entire world, in and out of Malaysia. The world, at your fingertips.

 Wow. How the heck do you do that?
We collect quotations from all our carriers based on your requirements.

I don't understand. What do you mean by 'collecting quotations from all our carriers'?
Are you sure you have that many trucks/trains/ships/planes?/planes?

We don't. In fact, we are not your regular shipping company at all. We are plainly a freight broker. And we as freight brokers partner with numerous carriers that have plenty of years of logistics experience! We verify and make sure that each carrier is fully capable of sending your items in a safe and speedy manner before we even consider requesting for their quotation. So you can have a peace of mind that your items will be delivered to your destination SAFELY and ON TIME.

Umm.. how do I use this website?
1) You click the button below [I'm ready to ship. Let's roll!]
2) You will see a simple screen, with a text box and a button in the middle. See the box? The words on them are questions.
3) Answer them by clicking the box and typing the answer in the box. Then click the button below. That's it! Simple Q&A to hasten your shipment process. :)

Any further questions? Please send your enquiries to enquiries@asiaticfreight.com! We would love to hear from you! Have a great day!